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We provide a truly Christian education that genuinely provides an authentic adherence to the Holy Bible while delivering robust and rigorous courses in the disciplines of Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Language arts for comprehension and grammar, as well as Music and Arts.   At the center of our learning experience, we maintain the LORD at the center of our education.

The COTRA Academy is a school where we believe in building lasting relationships. Our teachers love the LORD, love our students, and have a passion for teaching.

The entire staff understands the importance of the guidance we derive from the Word of God that directs us spiritually as we devote our attention to excellence in learning and becoming knowledgeable in our lives. As a Christian school, we carry out our mission of preparing students to live all of life to the glory of God. Teachers reach deeply into the hearts and minds of their students and seriously pursue the simultaneous development of the spirit and mind. We educate the whole child, providing a well-rounded educational experience that prepares our students for a seamless college transition and a rich, fulfilling life.

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