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Dr Stuart McCutcheon

West Palm Bech, Florida

          At 60 years of age, I began to have multiple heart attacks between March and August

         2012. I visited with a cardiologist in Orlando, Florida, with which one of my daughters

        worked, and, after various tests including a nuclear stress test, it was determined that multiple    silent heart attacks had left my heart functioning at less than 25%. The doctor subsequently prescribed numerous medicines. One of my other daughters, a Ph.D. in chemistry, explained their devastating side effects which would potentially cause other health issues or even death.

     Thus, I was faced with the decision of dying from prescription drugs or, otherwise, a future heart attack. I was dying and I felt like I was dying. My heart was fibrillating often and skipping beats and I could not get my breath. In my sleep, I asked the LORD if I was going to die and He answered, "No, your not going to die." I had to ask again, and He responded, "No, you're not going to die." The next morning, I decided to make changes in my lifestyle and began by taking all saturated fats out of my diet and to eat better and, in fact conscientiously, to stop eating badly at all (no cheating).  I began to get 8 hours of sleep at night.  Then, I committed to daily aerobic exercise and determined to predominantly run. As it has turned out, I ate and slept well in order to run as far and as fast and as hard as I could.

In the beginning, I was barely able to finish running a tenth mile but after 2 weeks I lost 35 pounds and was slowly building up to 2 tenth mile runs. By 2014, I was running 2 1/2 miles and in 2015 and 2016 I was running at 1000 miles per year. In 2017, I introduced weight training and ran 1121 miles. In 2018, I ran 7 or more miles per run and surpassed my goal running 2018 miles and, at year-end, reached 2100 MILES! In 2019, I ran 3338 MILES (5372KM).
(Incidentally, I no longer suffer from ALLERGIES! and I do not get sick.)

​    I am convinced that Diet, Exercise, Rest, and Juice Plus+ have contributed to my better health and, further, I am convinced that, if this formula can work for me, it can help others.

    ​Certainly, I am thankful to the LORD God who healed me and I am thankful for my daughter, Jackie, who has kept me alive by making many improvements in my organic diet.

     ​Today, Glory to God, my heart is functioning at 100% !                    ...LOVE TO RUN WELL !

Dr Stuart McCutcheon

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