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The mission for Bible Minded is simply to edify the church, which is the body of Christ. This organization is divinely and joyfully endowed with the opportunity of reaching those who have the mind of Christ. Certainly, this website is an important instrument for communicating with those who desire to be taught.  Therefore, the purpose of Bible Minded TM is to encourage the dissemination of the Word of God. Coincidentally, we encourage reading and studying the Scriptures and promote praying always for the LORD’s enlightenment in the lives of those in whom God has revealed Himself.  

Thus, we teach those who are apt to teach others the unadulterated Word of God. We long to share some spiritual gift that will more perfectly open the Scriptures we proffer for our pure and mutual understanding of the Will of God.

Inclusive with our mission, we offer within this website:

Understanding ~ Bible study material is Bible based.  To rightly divide the Word we teach the Bible with the Bible. No external source of knowledge is required to understand the Word. It is its own absolute answer to itself and to every question in life.

Wisdom ~ Bible resources are provided to amplify understanding and experiences that increase our faith.

Self examination ~ We offer the LORD’s counseling through the use of routines to assist the children of God at growing into mature saints. Building up the body of Christ is our mission.  It should be a building fitly framed together whereby all the members of the body are instructed on how to fit into the building. The Word of God provides just such counseling, so that the Holy Spirit of God who indwells us can search our hearts and minds discerning even unto the marrow our intents and desires. The Lord is sufficient to work a mighty work in those who will not quench the Spirit and who will humbly submit to the LORD’s examination.

Scholarship ~ Bible based Tools for better illustration of the Word of God is available for those who desire to comprehend, the breadth, and length, and depth, and height of God’s love which passes beyond the knowledge of this world in order that all the saints might be filled with the fulness of God! 

Prayerfulness ~ All that we could offer would be pointless without our prayers unto the LORD, our Father, to bless all that is provided and those to whom it is provided.  We offer this website prayerfully in the Power of the Only True and Living LORD God and for His Glory.  Amen.

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