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Pastor Reuben and I and all of us with CHURCH ON THE ROCK ASSEMBLY are so very grateful to the LORD who called us to UGANDA to preach the UNADULTERATED WORD OF GOD.

In order for us to respond to all those who attended the 3-day conference, we are providing this page to assist you in providing your information need to answer any questions you have and, for those who desire to join this LORD's ministry through Church on the Rock Assembly, to guide you in your transition according to the calling of the ONLY ONE LORD JEHOVAH who has revealed HIMSELF as HE who came to earth in the flesh of Jesus Christ to die for us so that we should be reconciled unto HIM by HIS death upon the cross.  HalleluJAH Amen!

If you attended our UGANDA CONFERENCE January 25 through 27 Please complete the form below:

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