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Status Report

Praise the LORD!

     We give thanks to our LORD who has blessed us abundantly… Amen

    Please be prayerful for Church on the Rock Assembly and for all our pastors and congregations that assemble together, likeminded, to hear the unadulterated Word of God as the LORD, Himself, has spoken through the Holy Scriptures. Pray for the congregations that their eyes of understanding be enlightened to know the hope of the LORD’s calling and the riches of His glory in the saints. Although there remain many trials in the lives of all those who have joined together with us, there is much joy in their hearts for the grace and merciful lovingkindnesses of our LORD toward us all. We do all rejoice in the LORD for His revelation in our lives. 
     India: We are so pleased for the work of Pastor Govada Vagdhan Babu (India) in translating our Doctrinal Statement from English to Telegu. The influence of God’s Word is now edifying those in India who are literate in English and, now, Telegu, which is the native language of many in India.

     Africa: I thank all who are contributing for the support of this LORD’s ministry and encourage others, among you, to prayerfully consider contributing to this ministry of the gospel and for the many basic needs of these many thousands of our brothers and sisters who stand with us in the name of Jesus Christ, who is our the Only One LORD JEHOVAH, our Saviour, our Redeemer, our Father in heaven. Also, please pray for me, too.

     Contributions: 100% of your contributions are tax deductible and 100% of the contributions go toward the poor, widows, orphans, and supply for the needs of the work of Church on the Rock Assembly pastors ministering in 12 countries India, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Malawi, Republic of South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and USA.

     If anyone would like to begin contributing, please contact me or visit click on Donate button (left) or click on Donations this church website to make your donation for the ministry in USA, India, and countries in Africa:

     Those who prefer to designate contributions, please note your comments so that funds can be directed accordingly.


God bless you

Dr Stuart McCutcheon ~ Senior Pastor

Church on the Rock Assembly

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